Much is made of the toxicity of our modern world. Frequently we’re told that still another substance has been linked to cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or some other degenerative malady. There’s mercury in your tuna, pesticides on your lettuce, hormones and antibiotics in your chicken, PCBs in your water, poisonous exhaust in the air you breathe, cancer-causing UV light from the sun, and toxic chemicals — all with names that are too long to pronounce — in your clothes, your carpet, your car, your shampoo, your deodorant…

Short of living in a BPA-free, hypoallergenic bubble made of 100% organic materials, there is no way to avoid this toxicity completely. That’s where a healthy body comes in, and vitamin C.

The body is designed to neutralize and eliminate toxins through critical processes in the liver, kidneys, bowels and even through sweat. These processes work well in a healthy body, and if there is limited exposure to toxins.

Even though most of us will never experience a venomous snakebite or be sprayed with a dangerous pesticide, we are all facing a very slow, minute-by-minute, microgram-by-microgram poisoning from the ever-increasing amount of toxins in our daily lives. Vitamin C can help protect the body from the toxic effects of nearly any substance. It may even be the safest substance on the planet.

Since vitamin C is water soluble – meaning it dissolves in water and cannot be stored in the body for later use – it makes sense that copious vitamin C supplementation should be part of everyone’s day. The key word is copious. The amount of vitamin C you get from an orange, which is as little as 50mg, is not nearly enough to take on the onslaught of toxins we encounter every day.

Think about it. The amount of water needed to put out a fire depends on the size of the blaze. In a house fire, the firemen furiously pump water on the inferno until the flames subside, and then a lot more for good measure to quench the remaining heat. To simply toss one bucket on a house fire is reckless and ineffective.

Just as firemen use copious (there’s that word again!) amounts of water to extinguish a fire, supplementation of high-dose vitamin C can support your body in its daily fight against the toxins that lead to serious health problems. As Dr. Frederick Klenner’s legacy demonstrates, vitamin C supplementation is a safe, reasonable, and sometimes life-saving strategy, as long as you take enough of it for a long enough time.


  • It is not always possible to identify and eliminate an offending toxin.

  • Many detoxification treatments have their own significant toxicity.

  • Vitamin C can protect the body from the dangerous effects of toxins.

  • Vitamin C has no unhealthy side effects.

  • Vitamin C has no known toxicity.

  • There is no downside in taking daily, high-dose vitamin C.

The need for vitamin C supplementation is more than an option; it’s an opportunity that will reward you with optimal health, even while living in our toxic world.